Linguist atlas data in tabular form

This page lists all of the examples that appeared in the project's questionnaires, as found in the Search Examples section of the Linguist Atlas. Select an example to view the ratings that were recorded at each location.



E4: He's really big getting.
E5: He's dead angry getting.


Q37: That's over big a bit for me.



Q11: It was eight pound.
Q12: It's ten mile away.
Q13: I've no seen him in fifteen year!
Q14: He could put away seven or eight pint in one sitting.
Q15: That's seven long mile from here.


Q5: There's too much people here.
Q6: No one got as much presents as him.


A12: My neighbours goes there all the time.
A13: They goes there for a drink every Friday.
A17: They never was that happy together.
A29: Was your neighbours having a party?
A3: Some folk was queuing up outside.
A4: They was happy to help.
A57: Me and my pal was here first.
A58: They was just sitting in the cupboard anyway.
A59: Even the bigger shops was quiet.
A8: Some folk doesnae like chocolate.
A9: They doesnae argue much these days.


A1: You was supposed to meet me at your house.
A2: We was waiting for ages.
A38: Aye, there were a man at the door earlier.



D3: I'm just after speaking to him.
D4: No he's just after one.


D23: If I had've seen her I would have waved.
D5: He might've no have left yet.
D7: What should've he have bought instead?
D8: What should've we said to them?


D1: I'm no been there in a while.
D35: We're had our lunch already.
D36: I'm been there twice since April.


J10: You used to could get the papers at the shop on the corner.
J14: Will you can meet me at six?
J2: He might can help you next week.
J20: Why would I might know him?
J3: They must could see us at some point.
J4: He must can swim, I see him at the pool all the time.
J7: He'll can do it next week.


D11: I would rather made dinner myself.
D12: I would only been about two at the time.
D14: There been a lot of rain this week.
D15: He was seen taken away by the police.
D25: I think there a man outside.



I3: They bought a house, and him no even in work at the time!
O36: He was smaller nor I expected.
P1: He's a nice guy but.


J21: I'll put the heater on for to dry your jacket.
J22: You're no allowed for to park on the main road.
J23: I've got a new phone for to play with.


T1: See him next door, I can't stand him.


O30: I met Jim Smith, that comes fae Inverness, the other day.
O40: That's the guy bumped into me earlier.



K1: He had aie a dram in him.
K3: We had just on our jerseys as well.


C10: I've a copy of that at home.
C11: I've the film you're talking about at home.
C12: I've that photo on my wall now.
C13: We've a copy of that at home.


C4: I haven't to go back until September.
C5: I haven't any money on me.
C6: I haven't that one with me.
C7: We hadn't a lot of rain last week.
C9: I haven't steak that often.


C1: Have you one of these as well?
C2: Have you any money for the meter?
C3: Have you that charger with you?
C8: Had we a lot of snow last Christmas?


H1: Gonnae turn the volume down!
H10: Mere you over here and let us see it!
H11: Get that watched, it's brilliant.
H14: Calm you down, it's no that bad.
H2: Gonnae you leave us alone!
H4: Wantae you leave me alone!
H6: Come away you over here and I'll fix your shoes.
H8: Away you over there and behave!
H9: Mon you over here for a photo!



O1: I asked was he here for long.
O2: I'm trying to remember where did I leave my keys.
O42: I asked is he here for long.
O43: I don't remember what did I get last time.
O44: I don't remember what one did I get last time.


H7: Go you over there!
O3: Take you a peerie sweetie.
O45: Where bides she now?
O46: When goes she away again?
O49: Say they we should bring wine?



D22: There it's there!
D26: Here it's here!
D28: Here I'm here!
D29: There I'm there!


D31: There's it!
D32: There's him!
D33: There's them!


D19: Here it's!
D21: There it's!
D27: There I'm!
D30: Here I'm!



Q38: Take a look at this photos and tell us what one's the best.
Q40: I've got they shoes as well.
Q41: I like them books.
Q42: Yon tree's grown a lot.
Q43: Thon tree's grown a lot.
Q44: Yon boys are always out playing football.


Q46: I've got the cold again.
Q7: He has to go to the hospital.
Q8: I'm going to my bed.
Q9: I've had my dinner already.


M1: He got something in his een!
M2: You have to take off your sheen at the door.


Q18: I got a big yin so we can share.
Q23: I liked the yin with Jack Nicholson.


Q16: I'm off to meet himself later.
Q17: So apparently himself is joining us for dinner.
Q2: I havnae met any other body from school in ages.
Q28: We'll take wir brollies just in case.
Q29: Wir brollies were useless in that wind.
Q30: I saw youse from across the street earlier but you didnae see me.
Q32: Did ee like it at all?
Q35: He looked at hisself in the mirror a lot.
Q36: They're always feeling sorry for theirselves.



B14: Hurry up, I've putten your dinner out.
B5: I would've came along just for the cakes!
B6: They've went home already
B7: The waiter has forgot about us.


B1: I seen that last week aye.
B10: He jamp in after it!
B15: They telt me to call back later.
B16: I selt it ages ago.
B17: I gied him a wee present last year.
B18: He teached his dog how to shut the door.
B19: He catched a cold the other day.
B2: I done that the other day.
B20: He come by the other day.
B21: He swum the Channel for Children in Need.
B4: Somebody sung that at the karaoke last week.
B8: That one costit me a tenner.
B9: I hut my head on the shelf.


A39: I'm wanting to be at the station for one.
A40: I'm needing a cup of tea after that.
A41: I'm thinking he'll be late in this weather.
A42: I'm doubting it'll be a problem.
A43: I'm forgetting that you don't have milk in your tea.
A44: I'm forgetting your name.
A46: Are you minding that we're going out tonight?
A47: Are you remembering where we're parked?
A49: I'm no understanding what you're saying.
A50: I'm liking your new haircut.
A51: I'm loving your new jacket.
A52: I'm hearing you're home this weekend.
A53: I'm no intending to leave until ten o'clock.
A54: I'm no caring how daft it looks.
A55: I'm knowing how to get there.
A56: I'm seeing you've got a new car.



N30: I amn't ready!
N31: I'm coming with you, amn't I?


S1: So he is.
S2: Neither he is, I'm thinking of someone else.
S3: It's a lovely day, so it is.
S4: It's no a very nice day, neither it is.


D16: I div like a scone!
N11: Naw I'm arnae!
U1: Aye he can that.
U3: Aye he will that.


N20: She's coming for dinner next week, int she?
N21: She gets a paper every morning, dint she?
N22: She was there early, wint she?
N23: She's been there before, hint she?
N26: Hint she been there before?
N28: Wint she here earlier?
N34: Wint it just a lovely day!
N38: There's nothing like a cup of tea, int there no?


D39: I'dnae seen her for years.
D40: I'venae been there before.
D41: We'renae going to catch it now.
N10: He willnae be bothered.
N12: I amnae ready.
N15: Arnae you fed up of moving about?
N18: Willnae he be angry?
N19: Dinnae we get a shot?
N4: Brian isnae like that.
N5: He wisnae there.
N53: Cannae I get a shot?
N57: I dunnoo like coffee.
N58: Brian isnoo like that.
N6: I dinnae like coffee.
N60: He winna be bothered.
N7: I didnae like it at all.
N8: I havnae been there before.


N39: I cannae see nothing.
N40: I cannae see nothing naewhere.
N41: I didnae see it naewhere.
N42: There wisnae naebody outside.
N43: There wisnae naebody naewhere.
N44: There wisnae naebody anywhere.
N45: There wisnae anybody naewhere.
N46: I didnae see nae shoes.
N47: I didnae see nothing like that.
N48: They'll no have nothing like that.
N49: They don't sell nothing like that.
N50: I hardly bought nothing.
N51: He doesnae stay here no more.
N52: None of the singers was nae good!


N1: I never saw you.
N2: He's never out his bed yet.


N37: I cannae no see them.
S8: We were stuck in traffic for ages, were we?


D10: I na been there before.
D18: I daa ken.
D38: I caa mind his name.
D9: I na want to be late.


G10: Turn on the telly til we hear the news.
G12: His dad was Govan as well.
G15: I got that one off of my pal.
G4: Do you have anything to wipe up that with?
G5: Nearly all of them were closed with the council.
G6: We were all petrified fae him.
G7: I got that one off my pal.
G8: They'll be finished or that time.
G9: I said til her I'd see her later on.
Q10: I'll have a wee drop soup.



H13: Put it down there eh!
O13: You have milk in your tea, eh?
O15: You've no seen the new Star Wars film, eh no?
O16: Naebody liked that one, eh no?
O17: Eh you're leaving?
O18: Eh you're no ready to leave?


O41: Sure Jim's fae Inverness?


O10: How do you think that?
O11: How do you think he's doing that?
O12: What did you get all for Christmas?
O19: What like was the weather?
O20: Where are you about?
O24: She told me what fine these pies were, and where you could get them.
O31: Whatna tea is this?
O7: How can I no come in?



F1: Could you give me a loan of your pen?
F2: Have you made a visit to the dentists yet?
F3: She'll no give him a dance!
F4: I'll give him a look-in.
F5: The kettle's no through the boil yet.
F6: Give it a skelp!


B23: I'm finished my soup now.
B24: Are you done your dinner yet?
E1: His van needs washed.
E2: That baby wants fed.
E3: Most teddies like cuddled.
E6: Sounds like the dog wants out.


V1: You promised me to be here early!


I1: That's him been sacked again.
I2: That's there been rain every day this week.


R1: There's something fallen down the sink.
R2: There are some other people been seated already.
R4: There's some idiot smashed the window.


G1: I'll away up the road.
G14: On your shoes, we're going out.
G2: Before I'm even finished speaking, he ons his coat and storms out!