Sound Files

Airdrie, Central Belt



DJ:   I think they’ve got to be really friendly that way but in tenements it seemed to be much easier for people to walk in and out of their house you know no no problem

MJ:    You got a bit of meat for soup and it would be passed round all the doors for to get everybody make a pot of soup out of one bit of meat that’s what happened in our place it happened

DJ:    Oh aye these things happened aye that’s right





Fraserburgh, NE



KB:    I canna- I canna– we dinna speak in Doric really, we speak half and half

DB:    s- we just speak

KB:   divnt we? we speak half and half, half Doric half English, half fittever

INT:    fa kens, fa kens

DB:    (clk) I ken I ken

KB:    if I k– mhm I daa ken my quine, I w- I would say it they’ll say fittefitna granny’s that you had?

DB:    oh well, it doesna matter eh