Who says what where?

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This page allows you to explore what people said about their use of different examples and listen to the examples in conversation, as found in the 'Who says what where?' section of the Atlas. Select an example to find out how it was used in each location and to listen to sound clips of the example.

Some folk was queuing up outside.
You was supposed to meet me at your house.
We was waiting for ages.
I'm just after speaking to him.
I'm no been there in a while.
He might can help you next week.
Gonnae turn the volume down!
Gonnae you leave us alone!
There it's there!
There it's!
Take a look at this photos and tell us what one's the best.
I've got they shoes as well.
I like them books.
I'm going to my bed.
So apparently himself is joining us for dinner.
I saw youse from across the street earlier but you didnae see me.
They've went home already
He jamp in after it!
They telt me to call back later.
I done that the other day.
I'm wanting to be at the station for one.
I'm needing a cup of tea after that.
It's a lovely day, so it is.
It's no a very nice day, neither it is.
I div like a scone!
She's been there before, hint she?
There's nothing like a cup of tea, int there no?
Willnae he be angry?
I didnae like it at all.
I cannae see nothing.
I didnae see it naewhere.
There wisnae naebody naewhere.
You have milk in your tea, eh?
You've no seen the new Star Wars film, eh no?
Eh you're leaving?
What like was the weather?
How can I no come in?
His van needs washed.
That baby wants fed.
I'll away up the road.