SCOSYA Data Hack

The Scots Syntax Atlas is hosting a 2-day interdisciplinary data hack on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th June 2019 at the University of Glasgow.

PhD students from across the arts, humanities and social sciences will get together to develop collaborations, gain experience of working with large data sets and learn from experts in a range of fields.

What’s included:

  • Up to £300 towards travel and accommodation + free lunches + pizza and wine reception
  • Masterclass sessions + networking with experts in linguistics, data visualisation and printing/mapping
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with PhD students in other fields
  • Gain experience in skills such as developing research questions, working with large data sets, teamwork, data analysis, sound art and mapping.
  • The opportunity to produce high quality outputs (e.g. squibs, artworks, visualisations, tools for analysis) and develop future collaborations

Invited facilitators:

Applications are now open to PhD students from any arts, humanities or social science discipline. Please see the call for participants for more information.