Results in tables

If you'd rather not use the atlas interfaces you can access most of the data in tables using the options listed below. You can also use the project's API to access all of the project's data as CSV files, which can be opened in a spreadsheet such as Excel, or JSON files, which are more easily machine readable.

Dialect Samples

View a list of all dialect samples as found on the 'How do people speak in...?' map of the Atlas. For each location you can play the sound file and read the associated text.

Community Voices

View a list of locations that have longer audio clips, as found on the 'Community Voices' section of the Atlas. Select a location to listen to the audio clips and read transcriptions for younger and older speakers.

Who says what where?

Explore what people said about their use of different examples, and listen to the examples in conversation, as found in the 'Who says what where?' section of the Atlas